Swheels S1, Taking/Elevating the e-scooter game to the next level.

Experience the ultimate green city-travel with the revolutionary e-scooter by Swheels.

First secure e-scooter
High quality Dutch design and safety standards

Smartphone connected LCD screen

Via the smart lcd display, SwheelS creates a direct visual (mobile) connection with your e-scooter. No worries anymore when it comes to a low battery – the display provides real time information on the range. The screen as well reflects whether front light, taillight and flashing lights are working. As an extra add on, the SwheelS e-scooter gets personal with its owner by showing his or her name when going for a city travel.

Dutch quality, our standard quality

The Dutch are famous for their quality standards and high-end technology. Working on the SwheelS e-scooter over the last couple of months, the Dutch design and quality is smoothly integrated for the best road-performance.

Luxurious matt black colour

Elegant Dutch design

In-house developed hardware and software

Stepping up safety

The Dutch are known as global experts on the bicycle market and our safety regulations are known to be the hardest. We created an e-scooter which passed the world’s most strict safety regulations. Approved by the Dutch, our e-scooter is ready to make your rides smoother than ever.

Dubbele schijfremmen
Een e-step volgens de Nederlandse richtlijnen

Voor- en achterlicht
Dag en nacht gecontroleerd onderweg

Optimale zichtbaarheid

Veilig deelnemen in het verkeer

E-scooter for adults and you

Maximum performance due to its’ elegant and smart design. Quick and foldable, your wish; our dream.

Beat the charger, ride unlimited.

The commutable battery ensures the SwheelS e-scooter is ready to make unlimited rides. One battery goes along for approximately 35 km. Ready for a sustainable hands-on solution to your next destination? Great! With a speed of 16 miles per hour, there will be absolutely no limitations on timing anymore.

50 km

25 km/h
Maximum speed

Your command, our wish.

Ready to crush heads while awaiting your next travel extension? Scan the QR code and get AR experience now.

Ride with the universe

SwheelS e-scooter is equipped with the latest Dutch technology for the best performance. A unique satellite driven software gives our users the ability to turn on and off, lock and unlock and switch batteries with just one tap on your smartphone device. As an extra add on to the application, the user is always able to look up any data in terms of driving and personal details.


Hands-off my SwheelS

The unique satellite-controlled software and its dynamic high-end Dutch design make the e-scooter the next big thing for thieves. No worries, we got you covered with our Dutch knowledge which we added into the electronic step. With the integrated GPS and lock, thieves won’t have a chance anymore.


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